On the final day of the comment period, the Department of Education (ED) failed to properly capture comments. This technical error repeats this administration's pattern of harm that disproportionately hurts survivors and other communities that face systemic barriers. Our movement held them accountable, and DeVos heard our message loud and clear. The Department of Education is reopening the Title IX comment period: but only for a fast 24 hours.


If this proposed rule becomes law, survivors will lose access to their education and schools will continue to sweep sexual violence under the rug. The new rule will stop survivors from coming forward and make schools more dangerous for all students.


Here’s the good news, you have one more chance to tell the Department of Education to keep their #HandsOffIX! We have 24 hours on February 15th, 2019 to submit more comments and stop this disastrous rule.


We need your voice, because together, we have the opportunity to stop this rule from becoming law. Show your support for survivors by submitting a comment during the notice-and-comment period.


Ready to make your voice heard and stop this administration from rolling back survivors' rights?


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This campaign has now concluded.